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For me, wellbeing is a conscious lifestyle, when we act in tune with our inner real selves. We always act in order to make our best decisions for us in the given moment. It is a state of mind, when we feel content, happy, balanced, vital. We perceive ourselves united on a physical, psychical and emotional level. The body, mind and soul are interconnected, everything is interdepended, each action causes reaction. We are developing and healing ourselves constantly, to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Wellbeing is a healthy lifestyle in tune with nature. Nature and human beings coexist in symbiosis to balance each other. Nature offers everything we need to live qualitative life in all aspects. It is a source of life force, and we, human beings, also come from this source.

Wellbeing lifestyle forms strong, healthy, happy individuals who go to bed with peace on mind.

Personally, I have experienced the transformation through fitness to complex wellbeing. Fitness is physically oriented. An effective personally-tailored training as well as a nutrition plan, a good 6-8 hour sleep and positive thinking are the basic factors which set you for a success. I myself incline to a natural fitness, when most of the training is performed outside, in nature, and the nutrition is also natural. I consider fitness a form of art which can help you shape your body to desired curves. In its deeper core, it´s just a balance of energy.

Yoga in Sanskrit means “union”. It is a union with one´s inner self .Yoga philosophy explains and teaches how to master your inner self to liberate yourself.

Yoga asanas themselves helped me understand my body on a deeper level, showed me the way to proper relaxation healing itself. Yoga practice helped me to find lost balance in my fitness development. I´m living yoga in my daily life, not just on a yoga mat. It´s a mindful, conscious living towards freedom. My priorities have changed, they have shifted from materialistic world to inner spiritual world.

A body is a tool to help our dreams come true, not something to be obsess with. The spiritual journey is not easy; it requires also a continual training. Joy, dedication, knowledge, discipline and persistence are the keys to reach your desired target in fitness or other aspects of life. Wellbeing is an art of living.

Every person is different, unique and that´s how I approach to each individual client. I consider an overall state of energy of a client, treating him/her as a complex of a body, mind and soul. I create individually tailored-made programmes and at the same time I´m open and flexible to adjust the programme according client´s current needs and/or requirements. A human organism is influenced by many factors. It´s important to listen to ourselves, to be able to accept ourselves and make a right action in a given moment.

I´d love to share my knowledge and experiences through my coaching with you.